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You can now link Chase Pay with Samsung Pay


There are a lot of mobile payment options out there, which is supposed to make our lives easier. If you happen to use Chase Pay and Samsung Pay, things are getting a bit easier for you.

Samsung has announced that you can now link Chase Pay and Samsung Pay. The benefits are pretty straightforward. If you prefer to use Chase Pay to actually pay for things but have run into an issue not being able to use it at some locations, that should be helped with the addition of Samsung Pay support. You can now use the Magnetic Secure Transmission (MST) feature on Samsung devices, which broadens the scope of where you can use Chase Pay by a large margin. You can also use NFC to make payments.

If you do link Chase Pay with Samsung Pay, you can earn “both Samsung Rewards points and for eligible Chase cards, Chase Ultimate Rewards points, for the purchases they make.” So you won’t miss out on any points you might normally earn after you link the two features.

If you use these mobile payment services, do you plan on linking them?

Source: Samsung

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