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Latest Gmail for Android update allows you to undo sending an email


The desktop version of Gmail is able to undo sending an email. The feature delayed the actual sending of the email for a short time so you can hit undo if you made a mistake or wrote something stupid. But the feature has not been available on Android until now.

The latest version of Gmail (version 8.7) now allows you to undo a sent email by default, though we’re not sure if this is necessarily an app version feature or a server side rollout feature yet.

When you send an email, a black bar at the bottom lets you know that the email has been sent. There’s now an undo button lingering for a while in case you need it.

If you’ve updated to the latest version of Gmail for Android, give it a shot! It’s great to see this feature finally hit our phones. It might save us one day.

Source: Android Police

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