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Android Pie (Go edition) launches this fall with more features


In April, Google officially welcomed its first wave of Android Oreo (Go edition) devices, and the company is already planning on what’s coming next.

Announced in a public blog post, Google is outlining its plans with Android Pie (Go edition), and there is quite a bit to take in. First and foremost, Google plans on launching the new version of its Go edition software this fall, and when the new version launches it will be paired with plenty of new features.

But first, some stats. Google says it now has 200 devices with Android Oreo (Go edition) on board in over 120 countries across the globe. That includes India, South Africa, and Brazil. One hundred manufacturers have committed to launching an Android Go edition handset before the end of the year, too, so there will be even more options on the market before 2018 wraps up.

Here are the major bullet points you’ll find in Android Pie (Go edition) when it arrives this fall:

  • Up to an additional 500MB of storage available out of the box
  • Faster device boot times
  • Top-of-the-line security features like verified boot
  • A accessible dashboard for tracking and monitoring data consumption

The Go version of apps, including YouTube Go, Google Maps Go, and Files Go are also getting some major improvements as the company adds features that weren’t available in those versions of the apps previously.

Google Go, for instance, will now read text out loud and will highlight each word as it goes to make following along easy. YouTube go now supports a gallery mode for downloaded content, which should reduce data consumption. Google Maps Go now supports navigation, and Files Go can now transfer data “peer-to-peer, without using mobile data, at speeds up to ~490Mbips”.

Sounds like Android (Go edition) has been a pretty big hit for Google up to this point, and Android Pie should make that software even better when it arrives later this year.

Source: Google blog

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