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Casio WSD-F30 announced with better battery life and rugged design


Casio has been introducing smartwatches with Android Wear (now Wear OS) since 2016, with the WSD-F lineup leading the charge. And now the company is back with another device.

The brand new Casio WSD-F30 is a redesign of what has come before, slimming things down, but managing to pack in a bigger battery that lasts longer while retaining the rugged design of its predecessors. The new smartwatch boasts a dual-layer display, with a monochrome LCD that displays the time and sensor data and a color OLED that can show maps and more.

The specs for Casio’s new WSD-F30 start with a 1.2-inch circular display, with the OLED panel featuring a resolution of 390×390. It’s running the latest version of Google’s Wear OS platform, supports GPS, GLONASS, and Michibiki for global positioning, and offers water resistance up to 50 meters. It meets the MIL-STD-810G standard, which means it can resist shock, humidity, low temperatures, vibration, and more, to a much higher degree that devices not rated at the same level.


That battery life is a major selling point for Casio’s new device. The company isn’t going into detail on how big the battery is, but says that it will last longer than the previous generation model. In fact, it says the WSD-F30 can last three days on a single charge with just Bluetooth and Wi-Fi turned off. If you keep the monochrome display on in the “Multi-Timepiece Mode”, the battery will last one month. However, if you keep everything turned on and use all the features, you should expect to get about a day and a half out of the battery.

That’s all Casio was willing to announce today. So we’re still missing a price, release date, and where the new smartwatch will be available. But hopefully we should know more soon enough.

What do you think of Casio’s newest rugged smartwatch? Is this your next purchase?

Source: Casio

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