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Eletrolux announces Google Assistant support for smart ovens early next year


What’s the point of a smart home if Google Assistant support isn’t available? Is a product truly “smart” if you can’t tell your Google Home to control it?

Existentialism aside, Electrolux announced that future smart ovens will feature Google Assistant support. While the smart-ifying of common household appliances is often frowned upon as they get more complicated, more annoying, less secure, and potentially even less reliable, this one makes sense.

How many times have you left the house and realized you may have left the oven on? It’s a big deal, and I’ve gone home from important appointments just to check. With Assistant support, you’ll be able to tell your phone or Google Home to turn the oven off.

“We are very happy to collaborate with Google to give people a simple, rewarding way of interacting with their connected Electrolux appliances,” says Dan Arler, Head of Major Appliances EMEA at Electrolux. “Voice control supports a clear user need. Whether it’s hands-free cooking or just an easier way to interact with the oven, we think consumers will love it.”

Other features are turning the oven on (nice for pre-heating), changing the temperature, and selecting a cooking program.

While this isn’t something many people have asked for, it might save you someday.

Via: Android Police

Source: Electrolux

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