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Google Datally adds emergency bank and bedtime mode


Mobile data limits are tricky creatures. Plans vary wildly in how they handle data limits and it can be confusing for users. It’s particularly bothersome when you hit your data limit and are left stranded with no or slow data. To help users, Google released Datally, an app that helps you better manage and conserve your data. Today, Datally is gaining two new features:¬†emergency bank and bedtime mode.

Emergency bank allows you to specify an amount of data that you’d like to save for emergencies only. Once you’ve used your data up to that point, Datally will automatically prevent apps from using more data. You can then enable your emergency bank and choose how you’d like to use your reserved data.

Bedtime mode prevents apps from using data while you sleep. While many keep their phones connected to WiFi at home, travelling can pose a different scenario and background apps can eat up data even when you’re not using your phone. Bedtime mode allows you to schedule certain time frames when you’d like data to be restricted, so as to not needlessly eat through your allotment.

What are your thoughts on Datally’s new features? Do you plan to use them?

Source: Google

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