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Google may launch smart speaker with display by end of 2018


The race to conquer the connected home is on and Google is looking to launch a new product to compete with Amazon. According to Nikkei Asian Review, Google will launch a smart speaker with a display by the end of 2018, and likely before the holiday shopping season begins. This product will be designed to compete with Amazon’s Echo Show, enhancing the voice assistant function of the Google Assistant on existing Google Home devices.

Google introduced its Smart Display platform at Google I/O 2018, working with partners like Lenovo and LG to release Assistant-powered smart speakers with displays. But the company has been expected to make one of its own and, according to this report, is aiming to produce and sell three million units.

That’s a bold initiative, as Amazon only sold 315,000 Echo Show units in 2017 after launching the product in mid-2017. Though Amazon remains the dominant force in smart speakers, Google is quickly gaining steam. In Q1 2018, for example, Google accounted for 36% of smart speakers sold, while Amazon accounted for only 28%.

Google’s primary selling point is the powerful AI software that powers the Google Assistant. Users are able to use natural language, and Google constantly updates its Assistant software to allow for new functions. While Amazon remains the leader in the number of integrated apps, Google is closing the gap and is using tight integration with its own services to further benefit users.

Google’s display-equipped smart speaker will likely be a flagship device and a reference point for other manufacturers. If the company’s plan is successful, it could help Google reach the front of the pack in the sprint towards connected homes.

What are your thoughts on a display-equipped smart speaker from Google?

Source: Nikkei Asian Review

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