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Google reportedly building a health and fitness assistant called ‘Google Coach’


Google is putting a huge bet in artificial intelligence, moving forward with a variety of different products that rely on the technology. And it looks like we may be getting a fitness coach sometime soon, too.

Android Police┬áreports that Google is currently working on something called “Google Coach” which is reportedly an assistant designed specifically for health and fitness. The idea is being called “Project Wooden” internally, and it’s not meant to just track your exercises.

Google Coach, which may see a new name when/if it officially launches, will be capable of recommending different workouts, suggesting alternatives if you miss a workout session, and keeping tabs on your progress. As you exercise, Google Coach will track it and be able to use the data to suggest new exercises for future sessions.

Google wants to limit notifications, too, which sounds great on paper. Instead of getting a ton of individual details, like telling you your daily step count or to take your medication, it will simply provide a single notification with all of this information in one. That should help trim things down. The feature will also be able to track nutrition, and even suggest meals to prepare/eat.

As far as where the Google Coach will be available, the report indicates that the company is building the feature for Wear OS smartwatches, but that it will be available in phones in some capacity later. You’ll need the Wear OS smartwatch to let Google Coach track and help, though.

Nothing is official just yet, but what do you think of the idea so far? Is this a feature that would convince you to buy a Wear OS smartwatch if you haven’t already?

Source: Android Police

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