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Google’s Phone app is getting a dark mode as well


Add a dark mode to all the things! With the wide adoption of OLED displays comes the demand for more dark themes and built-in dark modes, to which Google has been happy to provide in Android apps like YouTube and others.

And now it looks like the stock Google Phone app is getting the attention, too. The company is teasing that its Phone app will be getting a dark mode in the near future, saying the feature is “coming soon” under the “What’s New” section in the Play Store landing page for the app.

Specifically, Google writes, “The Phone app has a fresh new look. And coming soon – Dark mode.” That’s about all the company has to give us for now, though, so don’t expect to circle a date on the calendar just yet. The good news is that the feature is coming down the pipe, though, even if we don’t know when, exactly, we can activate it.

Are you excited about dark mode for Google’s Phone app?

Source: Google Phone (Play Store)

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