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Google’s Titan Security Key is now on sale for $50


Over one month ago, Google announced its Titan Security key, adding another layer of security so folks could feel a bit safer logging in across websites.

Google is now selling the Titan Security key in a bundle of two. The first is the primary key, the one that uses USB to connect to a computer of your choice. Google is including a USB key, too, for extra safekeeping. Google’s Titan Key is backed by Google’s own Advanced Protection and is based on the FIDO standard, which means it can be used beyond just Google’s services.

The Titan Security key is available now. However, at the time of publication, the page to buy the new security measure indicates that you’ll need to join a waitlist before you can pick one up for yourself. You’ll have to fork over $50 to pick up the pair of keys if you’ve decided to go to the next step with your security.

Source: Google Store

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