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Honor 10 updated with ‘Super Night Mode’ from P20 Pro


The Honor 10 has a pretty serious camera. It performs amazingly in well lit situations and fairly low light situations. But when it gets dark, the phone struggles without optical image stabilization.

“Super Night Mode” is a feature that is available on the Huawei P20 Pro and allows you to take long exposures, sometimes over 15 seconds, without a tripod. The end result is stunning on that phone. This was thanks to Huawei’s AI software.

The feature has now made it to the Honor 10 to replace the old night mode, which required a tripod. The results are pretty good, but grain and lack of detail remain. The lack of OIS is a big hit to the night performance of this camera, but Super Night Mode is a definite improvement when you can stay still for long enough.

It’s pretty amazing that the device can do 20-second exposures hand held with no form of optical image stabilization, showing us how important software is to the camera experience (while in the past it was all about hardware). We’re also glad to see Huawei adding features to already released phones.

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