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Huawei caught using a DSLR trying to sell the Nova 3′s camera


One of the most important aspects of any smartphone these days is the camera quality, and some companies go out of their way to try and sell how great their offering is. Some companies may go too far.

Huawei appears to be in that latter category, and not for the first time. Android Police points out that Huawei was recently caught trying to sell the Nova 9′s camera in a 30-second ad, but actually used a DSLR in at least one of those still photo shots instead of the Nova 3′s camera.

Here’s the situation. The new ad was published by Huawei Mobile Egypt and stars Sarah Elshamy. In that ad, we see the Nova 3 getting flashed around multiple times, especially when it comes to taking a series of selfies. That includes at a pool, at an outside dinner party in the evening, and inside a house. It’s in that last instance where it’s been confirmed that Huawei actually used a DSLR to snap the still shot rather than a Nova 3 capturing a selfie.

How was it discovered? Elshamy’s Instagram account. The actress was posting some behind-the-scenes photos of the commercial, and one includes the picture you can see at the top of this article. The male actor is supposed to be holding a Nova 3 in that shot, snapping a selfie with Elshamy in the photo as well. However, as you can see from the BTS shot, there isn’t a Nova 3 taking that picture at all.

At the time of publication, it appears that neither Huawei nor Huawei Mobile Egypt have responded to the discovery. Elshamy has since removed the post she originally published on Instagram.

As mentioned earlier, this isn’t Huawei’s first run-in with a situation like this. Back in 2016 the company was trying to pass off a camera sample from the P9 as what was actually an image taken by a DSLR, and one priced at $4,500 no less.

You can check out the ad below.

Source: Android Police

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