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Palm Android phone leaks for Verizon, it’s startlingly small


Rumors of a Palm-branded Android phone coming this year from TCL (the company that bought them back in 2015), first arose in March and then popped up again a couple days ago when just such a device passed through the FCC.

Well the folks over at Android Police have received a few actual details regarding the device from one of their sources and if they prove true, this is going to be an interesting throwback of a device.


The codename for the device, Pepito, kind of gives away the phone’s diminutive stature and at 3.3-inches with a 720p screen, this is the smallest smartphone anyone has seen in quite awhile. The battery is similarly shrunken at just 800mAh. That seems a little undersized even for that small screen. I dug into my smartphone library and found my Samsung Illusion from 2011 which had a 3.5-inch screen, and even that thing sported a 1,500mAh battery.

Now the rest of the interior picks up quite a bit with 3GB RAM and 32GB of internal storage, which is quite the punch for such a tiny package. The Snapdragon 435 running things brings you back down to earth though.

Perhaps not surprisingly given the size of the device there will be no headphone jack, but with that battery, the idea of burning power on Bluetooth isn’t exactly great.

No word on pricing and although we’d expect it relatively soon given that it has already passed through the FCC, it could still be a month away.

Do you think a small budget phone like this will find a market or have we all moved on to bigger and arguably better things?

Source: Android Police

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