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People are getting the Galaxy-exclusive Fortnite skin using demo devices


Fortnite is absolutely huge right now, but it still caught us by surprise that people are going to great lengths to obtain the Galaxy-exclusive Fortnite character skin.

One of the perks to getting a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 or Galaxy Tab S4┬áis that you get an exclusive character skin for the battle royale game. Unfortunately, Samsung is having to act on people “stealing” the skin using demo devices.

To get the skin, you have to download Fortnite on one of the aforementioned devices, sign into your account, and play three matches. People started doing this on demo devices at Samsung booths and carrier stores, so Samsung had to step in. Carrier stores disables downloads of the game, while Samsung booth devices can’t even install the app at all.

People are still getting around it by connecting the devices in carrier stores to a hotspot, downloading the game (which is fairly large in size), and playing three matches. This only works on devices once, so those people have to find a device that someone hasn’t already tried this on.

Yes, those are some extreme lengths to go through to get a visual skin for your character in a free-to-play game. But it is still possible if you really want it.

Via: SamMobile

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