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RED Hydrogen One passes through FCC, phone further delayed


The RED Hydrogen One has been a long time in the making, and it’s definitely an odd device. We’re getting another look at it thanks to FCC filings becoming public.

The photos don’t reveal much we don’t already know, but we do get to see the internals of the device. Bezels have shrunken significantly since it’s been announced, but this device is rocking the big bezels. But the extra features it offers should make up for that.

There’s also some bad news for the company. RED is no stranger to delays, and the Hydrogen One has been delayed once again. RED founder Jim Jannard took to the H4V forums to let fans know of the delays in certification.

The details are light but apparently the certification process has delayed the device and has screwed up the launch timing enough that the carriers needed to find a new launch window for the device. He also says that this last setback was a “bad one.”

Hopefully we’ll see the device launch soon. It’s been over a year since announcement and the previously promised launch time was this summer. Nonetheless, the phone is unique and stands out enough to hold our attention.

Via: Droid-Life

Source: FCC

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