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Revised Google Chromecast passes through FCC


The Google Chromecast is set to receive a hardware update soon. This new Chromecast is likely to look similar or identical to the old one, but inside it will feature a better WiFi antenna and Bluetooth support.

The new device went through the FCC with the model number NC2-6A5. The antenna is modified with a 0.5mm trim on the PCB trace resulting in significantly better performance on 5GHz. It also has full Bluetooth support, despite the previous gen model having a Bluetooth chip without support for it. 

We don’t know exactly what the Bluetooth will be used for and we don’t know when the device will launch, but it’s an iterative upgrade to our favorite little accessory. We may see it at the next Google event alongside the other new hardware Google has in store for us!

Via: Variety

Source: FCC

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