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Sharing your location in Google Maps will now include your device’s battery life


Having as much helpful information as possible continues to be a considered goal for the teams working on Google Maps, as indicative of the app’s latest new addition.

As was first reported by Android Police, Google has rolled out a new feature for the Google Maps users. When you share your location or have a contact’s location shared with you, there will be an important piece of information included (other than the location): the battery life remaining in the device that’s sharing its location.

So when someone shares their location with you, that will appear on your map. You will see that contact’s information, including their name and location, as well as the option to get directions to where they are. You will also get the option to quickly share your own location back. And now Google Maps will also show the battery life remaining in the device.

It’s a small detail, but one that could come in handy in certain situations. What do you think of the new feature?

Source: Android Police

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