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Sprint announces Unlimited Premium plan


Earlier this year, Sprint restructured its unlimited plan offerings, splitting up into four different options. But it looks like a fifth was necessary.

Sprint on Friday announced Unlimited Premium, which it calls a “VIP platinum-style wireless plan”. The Now Network has packed this new plan with plenty of additional offerings at no additional cost, with subscriptions to services like Hulu, TIDAL, and Amazon Prime all for $90 per month. You can get $10 off your monthly bill if you buy a new phone from Sprint at full retail or if you bring over your own device when you sign up, dropping the monthly bill to $80.

The new Unlimited Premium plan offers unlimited talk, text, and data. Sprint says it will throttle your speeds if you surpass 50GB per month, which is definitely higher than what some other carriers offer in this regard. Sprint is offering 50GB of mobile hotspot per month, too, along with unlimited talk, text, and 4G LTE data while visiting Canada or Mexico.

The new plan also offers a free monthly subscription to Amazon Prime, which normally retails for $12.99 per month. Subscribers will also get access to Tidal Premium music streaming  along with Hulu’s Limited Commercial subscription. Sprint’s including the Lookout Premium Plus security plan as well. Finally, Sprint says streaming on the network is “full HD”.

The new Unlimited Premium plan joins the Unlimited Basic, Unlimited Plus, Unlimited Military, and Unlimited 55+ plans already offered by the Now Network.

Think you’ll be signing up?

Source: Sprint

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