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Sprint is launching a $25 unlimited plan on August 24


Sprint, the Now Network that may or may not merge with T-Mobile, is a company that likes to toy around with its plan pricing, offering up steep discounts, sometimes only for a very limited time.

Here we are again, with Sprint announcing that it will launch the Sprint Kickstart unlimited plan on Friday, August 24. This is the same limited time promotion that Sprint ran in June, but it will raise the price a bit this time around. Instead of offering the unlimited plan for $15 per month, the plan will now cost $25 per month.

For that price, customers will get unlimited talk, text, and data. Of course, there are caveats. Streaming video is capped at 480p, you can stream music up to 500Kbps, and game streaming is supported up to 2Mbps. Sprint also notes that during times of network congestion, your network speeds may get reduced.

There are a few other things to be aware of. The new Kickstart unlimited plan is available to folks who either bring their own smartphone over to the network or buy a new handset from Sprint at full price. You will need to enroll in Sprint’s autopay feature for bill payments, and you’ll also need to port your number from another carrier.

The new Kickstart plan, which will only be around for a limited time, goes live tomorrow. Do you think you’ll sign up for it?

Source: Sprint

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