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The Huawei AI Cube features Amazon Alexa and a 4G router


Smart speakers are starting to become a safe bet for companies, even if Google and Amazon are well ahead of the pack and don’t seem to be slipping back anytime soon.

Of course, it helps when Amazon and Google can get their digital assistants on a variety of different devices, even smart speakers they don’t make themselves. Take, for example, Huawei‘s AI Cube, which features Amazon Alexa on board.

The first thing you’ll probably notice is that it looks like a Google Home, if a Home were to get elongated into a cone. You will probably also notice that the AI Cube is not actually a cube. This will probably lead to some fun interactions in people’s homes when they say, “Yeah, this is the AI Cube. I know. It isn’t a cube.” But maybe that’s Huawei’s plan.

As far as features and specs go, Huawei managed to add at least one surprise in here. The AI Cube does feature Amazon Alexa, so that digital assistant will handle the voice-operated commands like playing music, checking the weather, keeping tabs on the news, and more.

The AI Cube features a SIM card slot, which means you can make it a 4G hotspot if you really wanted to. The device also has an Ethernet port, which means you can use it as a home Wi-Fi router as well. It measures in at 8.6 inches tall and it weighs two pounds. It has four microphones with far-field voice recognition on board, and Huawei says it will deliver high-performance audio quality.

The flat top houses the physical controls. That includes the ability to mute/unmute the microphones and the volume up/down controls as well.

Unfortunately, Huawei wasn’t so forthcoming on price. The company did confirm that the AI Cube won’t be launching in the United States, but it will be arriving in Europe “in the Christmas season”. China won’t be getting this exact model, but a variant that will probably not feature Alexa on board.

What do you think of the AI Cube’s design?

Source: The Verge

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