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YouTube now has a list of Signature Devices that offer the ‘best’ video experience


If you watch a lot of YouTube videos on your phone, then you might want to check YouTube’s newest list to see if your device supports the best possible viewing experience while you do.

When Samsung announced the Galaxy Note 9 this week, they mentioned that the handset is a “Signature Device” for YouTube in 2019. They didn’t really offer up many details on what that meant, but it appears that it’s a brand new list of handsets that YouTube is keeping tabs on, confirming whether or not they offer up the best possible video watching experience.

There are plenty of handsets on the list, too, like the aforementioned Galaxy Note 9, to Google’s Pixel 2 XL, the OnePlus 6, and others. (For those who look at the list a couple times and don’t notice Apple on there, it’s because there isn’t a single iPhone that’s a Signature Device, apparently.)

According to YouTube, to land on the list of Signature Devices a device needs to support next generation video codecs, high frame rate, high dynamic range, 4K decoding, and reliable DRM performance.

You can read more about YouTube’s new Signature Devices list through the source link. But here is the list of Signature Devices right now:

So if your phone is on the list, this means your handset supports HDR, fast video load times, and “immersive 360-degree videos”. If not, well, you’re probably missing out.

Is your daily driver a YouTube Signature Device?

Source: YouTube

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