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Google Calculator updated with same new Material Design theme all Google apps are getting


Do you like white? Do you like being blinded? Google has your back! Many of Google’s apps are being updated with the latest version of Material Design, like Messages and Phone, and this includes a full revamp with a bright white theme and sharper colors.

Google Calculator is the latest to get this treatment. The previously gray keypad (left) is now white, while the blues have been upped in saturation to match the other updated apps. The status bar and nav bar are also now white. The font has been replaced with Product Sans which is actually a nice touch.

While some like the white, many others hate it, and in extension hate what Google’s doing with its apps. At least Messages has a dark theme, but there is no dark theme to be found in the new Calculator app. Prepare to have your retinas seared during your calculations, and let us know how you like it! It’s rolling out to everyone in stages so you should be seeing it soon.


Source: Android Police

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