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A new leaked image of the ‘Nocturne’ Google Pixelbook tablet has surfaced


While October 9 is being billed as the Pixel 3 day, it’s also probably going to be an event where Google shows off a new Pixelbook device, and we may be getting a new look at the upcoming device.

AboutChromebooks has a new image of what they believe is the “Nocturne”, or the newest Pixelbook device coming down the pipe. Just as we saw in a previous leak, this device will be different from the current Pixelbook, in that the new device will actually be a tablet with a keyboard that can be attached on the “bottom” of the tablet.


The report indicates that this new tablet will have a pair of USB Type-C ports, one on each side, and a pogo plug on the bottom for those keyboard accessories. There will be two speakers, one on each side, and it looks like there will indeed be a recessed part on the top of the tablet where a fingerprint reader will be placed, near the left corner. That will apparently be the power button as well. And as one might expect, this will be a new ChromeOS device.

Nothing is confirmed just yet, but as often as the device is being leaked and rumored at this point, it’s starting to look more and more like we’ll see Google unveil their newest Pixelbook device at their event early next month.

Based on this leak, are you looking forward to the new Pixelbook?

Source: AboutChromebooks

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