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Amazon may launch 8 new Alexa devices before the end of the year


Amazon already has quite a few different Alexa-enabled devices out there, with plenty of other products thanks to third-party partnerships. But apparently we can expect quite a few more.

According to a report from CNBC, Amazon is currently planning on launching at least eight different Alexa devices before the end of 2018. Those include an “in-car gadget”, a subwoofer, a receiver, an amplifier and (finally!) a microwave. There is no word on whether or not Amazon plans on including Alexa support in the kitchen sink anytime soon, unfortunately.

All of these devices will be Alexa-enabled, which means they will have access to the digital personal assistant. Meanwhile, others will have Alexa built right into the hardware, making that access even easier. The report’s sources state that Amazon plans on showcasing at least some of these new devices at an event “later this month”, but when that will be remains unknown.

There is also no word on whether or not any of these will be branded with the Echo name or if the company plans on launching any additional smart speakers at the event.

Eight new devices is pretty impressive, even for Amazon, especially if the company does plan on launching all of them before the end of the year. How about that microwave idea, though? Are you chomping at the bit to get a microwave with Alexa on board in your home?

Source: CNBC

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