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AT&T and HARMAN introduce OBD II dongle for your car with a WiFi hotspot and more


Most cars built since 1996 have a port called an OBD II port, at least in the US. This is generally used for diagnostics; checking stored codes and getting a wealth of data about how your car is running is great to have for the enthusiast and regular person alike.

AT&T and HARMAN are aiming to add more features to cars with OBD II ports with the Spark. It offers features like a WiFi hotspot, a “virtual mechanic” (read: code reader), a way to call roadside assistance, information if your car is towed or stolen, crash assistance, parking reservations, and a lot more with future updates. It’s frankly surprising how many features were added considering how common these dongles are.

The device will cost $79.99, or $29.99 with the purchase of a Samsung Galaxy S9, S9+, or Note 9. Plans start at $5 a month without a WiFi hotspot and go up from there. This little device will be available on September 28. It’s a great way to modernize your car a bit, though it’s not a cheap way to do so.

Source: AT&T

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