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Google Chrome is getting a new look and new features for its 10th birthday


It’s hard to believe that Google Chrome has been around for 10 whole years. I still remember when it came out and it easily outperformed Firefox on my awful netbook that could barely run Excel. Ten years later, the browser has evolved (and grown quite a bit) and it’s about to get better.

Google has announced that for Chrome’s 10th birthday, it’s getting a redesign with a bunch of new features. The new design is typical of what we’ve seen from Google lately: bright white with rounded corners and a soft, smooth look. This redesign is coming to Android, iOS, and computers.

New features include answers to your queries directly in the Omnibar (so you don’t actually have to hit enter and search), an improved password managed with the ability to generate and automatically save new passwords, and more. It can also let you know if something you’re searching is already open in a different tab, and you can go straight to that tab.

The update definitely looks substantial, though we’re sure not everyone will be a fan of the new aesthetic. Nonetheless, it’s rolling out starting today so keep an eye out!

Source: Google Blog

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