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Google might be teasing a mint color for the Pixel 3


Now that Google has already confirmed it will announce its newest smartphones on October 9, the company has decided its high time it starts teasing the handsets on its own terms.

As a result, this week we’re delighted to see yet another teaser for the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL, this time in the form of an official landing page for the upcoming, but still unannounced, handsets localized for Japan. When you go to the dedicated website, you’re presented with a white background, the Google logo on the top left, and then “Coming Soon” presented right next to an unfilled rectangle.

We can see the partitioned area at the top of the phone, usually where the camera housing is. And then, near the bottom edge, we can see the familiar “G” logo for Google. But things get real interesting when you click on that logo.

Doing so will present the background to change, cycling through white to black, and then to a light green mint color. That would seem to be a pretty clear tease that Google is planning on launching at least the Pixel 3, and hopefully the Pixel 3 XL, in white, black, and a shade of green.

If that is the case, and depending on how it looks on the final product, would you pick up a Mint Pixel 3?

Source: Google

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