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Google Play Points officially launches in Japan


Not too long ago we heard about a potential new loyalty program from Google, which would reward folks for buying content from the Play Store.

That program is the real deal now, after officially launching in Japan. At the time of publication it’s only available in that region, but we hope it expands to other markets soon enough. With Google Play Points you’ll earn one point for every ¥100 (about $0.89) you spend in the store. And Google is letting you earn points on every purchase from the Play Store, including in-app purchases, Play Music, Play Movies, and even downloading “certain apps and games” will earn you points.

There are levels involved, too. Earn more points and you’ll reach new levels, which will in turn net you more points along the way. Here’s how that all breaks down:

Bronze level (up to 249 points):

  • 1 point earned for every ¥100 spent

Silver level (250–999 points):

  • 1.25 points earned for every ¥100 spent
  • 1 ¥300 credit for in-app items
  • 1 ¥100 movie rental

Gold level (1,000–3,999 points):

  • 1.5 points earned for every ¥100 spent
  • +1 ¥300 credit for in-app items
  • 2 ¥500 ebook credits
  • +2 ¥100 movie rentals

Platinum level (4,000–14,999 points):

  • 1.75 points earned for every ¥100 spent.
  • +1 ¥300 credit for in-app items
  • +4 ¥500 ebook credits
  • +4 ¥100 movie rentals

Diamond level (more than 15,000 points):

  • 2 points earned for every ¥100 spent
  • +2 ¥300 credits for in-app items
  • +6 ¥500 ebook credits
  • +5 ¥100 movie rentals

Via: Android Police

Source: Google Support

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