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Group planning is now available in Google Maps


Earlier this year, Google showed how easy it would be to get a group of Google Maps users to plan their next outing, with the plan being to launch the feature sometime later this year. Now that time has come.

Google has officially announced that it is adding the ability to plan a meet-up with some friends right within the Maps app. The premise is straightforward enough: Use Google Maps to pick a few different locations, whether they be restaurants or other locations, and then set up the ability to vote for which location folks want to visit. So as long as everyone can agree that the winning location is where they’re all going to go, it should work out pretty well!


Users can invite a select number of folks to share with. And when you want to add a place, you simply press and hold on the location’s name within the Maps app and drag it into a shortlist. Folks voting on the location will be able to vote with a thumbs up or a thumbs down, and they¬†can even add their own suggestions.

The update to Maps is rolling out now for both Android users and iOS users.

What do you think of the new planning feature? Is this something you’ll use regularly?

Source: Google Blog

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