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Huawei teases Mate 20 Pro’s triple camera setup in new video


We’ve already seen leaks of the upcoming Huawei Mate 20 Pro. The standout feature is of course the strange triple camera setup, arranged in a square with the flash being the fourth piece of the odd arrangement.

Huawei’s latest teaser for the device seems to confirm at least the shape of this setup, though it’s likely that the leaks are correct (why else use a square?). The video says “This is the time to explore something new” over action shots, ending with the square highlighted and the message “This is Mate.”

It’s good to see that the leaks are true, because the P20 Pro’s triple camera setup won DxOMark over¬†and we’d like to see a similar success with the Mate 20 Pro.

The device will be unveiled on October 16 so we only have a month to go!

Via: Pocket Now

Source: Weibo

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