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Project Fi customers can now share credit within groups


Project Fi is full of unique features, and one selling point is the ability to create a group plan with up to six members. This creates an easy way for friends and families to share a bill, where each member is only charged for the data they use. Because Project Fi charges per gigabyte, members receive credit back if, say, they paid for 2GB of data, but only used 1.5GB. Previously, that credit was only returned to individual group members. Now, however, credits can be shared with the entire group.

Credit sharing is an opt-in system, and you can go to your online account and find an option under billing to enable credit sharing. Once your group is a part of the program, you’ll see your existing and any new credit placed into a group pool. Rather than being applied to individual portions of the bill, it will be applied to the group bill as a whole, which should be useful for families in particular.

What are your thoughts on credit sharing within groups?

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Source: Project Fi

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