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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 catches fire in New York


Smartphones catching fire or exploding is a very rare ordeal, but Samsung made news when there were quite a few Galaxy Note 7 units doing exactly that. Then came a replacement, then a full scale recall of all devices. It was a big mess for the company at the time. The Note 8┬áhad no such issues, but now there’s a new report of a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 catching fire.

A woman in New York named Diane Chung claims that her device became extremely hot when she was using it in the elevator. She put it in her bag and heard “whistling and screeching,” then smoke started billowing from the bag.

She tried to remove it from her bag and burned her fingers. The elevator filled with smoke. Once the elevator doors opened, she kicked the device out and someone ended up dunking it in water.

The story is awful, but it’s unlikely that this is a major issue with the Note 9. Many devices catch fire due to the occasional manufacturing defect, whether it’s an Apple product or any other. This could very well be an isolated case. We hope it is, considering how Samsung claims it has a multi-step battery safety check. Hopefully the company had learned its lesson but we’ll have to wait and see.

If you own a Note 9, don’t start worrying yet. Your device is most likely safe.

Source: New York Post

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