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Shazam soon becoming ad-free after Apple takeover


Shazam is a music discovery application that allows you to have your device listen to a song and give you its info. It’s great for identifying new songs and finding new music to listen to.

The app has been around for a long time (and stands out as one of the coolest features of the iPhone 3G, my first foray into smartphones), and it’s about to get better for an interesting reason. Apple announced that it would be buying the company¬†and the deal has now gone through. Apple has purchased the company for a cool $400 million.

The main change is that the app is going ad-free. Getting rid of ads is always a good thing so we look forward to this being implemented! It should happen any time.

Otherwise we don’t yet know what will change under Apple’s leadership. Maybe the company just wanted the technology to implement into its own services. Maybe it will get Apple Music integration. Either way, even Android owners can enjoy the ad-free experience until the major changes start rolling out.

Via: Android Police

Source: Apple

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