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YouTube Gaming app getting shut down in March 2019


Remember YouTube Gaming? It’s a dedicated platform that the YouTube team launched back in 2015 which was meant to go up against Twitch as another streaming option for gamers and other personalities to find audiences as they streamed their content.

While the YouTube team updated the platform and the Android app along with it, it looks like the idea didn’t really catch on. More to the point, it appears that while YouTube Gaming existed, with a primary app to help showcase it to the world, most people still preferred just visiting the standard YouTube page to get their gaming content.

In an announcement made on Tuesday, YouTube has confirmed that a dedicated YouTube Gaming app isn’t necessary and, as a result, will be shutting it down. The team has earmarked March of 2019 as the final month for the app’s availability, but hasn’t given a specific date during the month to circle on the calendar just yet.

But YouTube Gaming as a presence isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. YouTube Gaming helped launch a variety of features since its inception, which YouTube has been bringing over to the primary experience along the way. And now the gaming experience will be getting its own destination on YouTube from here on out as well.

It’s already available at

Once you visit the site, you’ll see personalized recommendations at the top. If you’ve subscribed to channels you’ll see that content there, too. You can search for a specific game, and the popular titles will have dedicated pages where visitors can find live streams, other titles from the same publisher, and other popular videos.

To help out the smaller channel, YouTube will also show “On the Rise”, which will highlight creators on both the Trending and Gaming destinations. Those creators will be refreshed on a weekly basis.

What do you think of this transition? Did you ever use the dedicated YouTube Gaming app?

Source: YouTube Blog

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