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How to hit the wireless Jackpot with Tello Mobile


While its certain by now that alternative carriers are the way to go when it comes to getting more bang for your buck, not all MVNOs provide the same services.

Rock solid reliability comes from real phone service, as opposed to VoIP calling services or apps.

Tello Mobile is one of the Sprint MVNOs that comes with no compromise. Stellar customer support, affordable phone plans and outstanding customer satisfaction. No switching between Wifi and cellular technology, no drawback, no catch.

Honest Approach to Wireless

Relying on Wifi to keep data costs down is not the only way to save on cash, especially when it costs you the quality of cell phone service. Tello’s cell phone plans start from $5/month and the savings are hard to beat.

The lower price plan combinations include talk & text only possibilities, along side the freedom to choose the exact amount of minutes and data you need.

From 1GB and unlimited talk & text for $14/month to 4GB plus unlimited voice for $29/month the savings keep adding up. The “no fees whatsoever” policy, impressive 24/7 customer service & free calls to Canada, Mexico & China included in any plan make Tello plans even sweeter.



As a value carrier, Tello Mobile is always looking to add more value to its customers and make things easier. That is the main reason everything can be done online. Say goodbye to standing in line, and hello to saving money and time, since everything is one click away: 60 seconds sign-up process, self manageable account dashboard.

Their referral program  adds even more benefits to customers. Whenever a customer refers a friend to Tello, they both get $10 Tello Dollars. That bonus account credit can be used pay further phone bills or even get a new phone.

No More Device Drawbacks

Since Tello is a straight out cell phone provider as alternative to other VoIP apps, one will not encounter any issues with any device.

You can keep your number and phone. Check to see if your device is a Tello match by entering the IMEI here. Note that you can purchase another phone directly from their site, and even find a good deal on one of the phones they have on sale. Bargain shoppers can get a better deal on unlocked smartphones on Amazon, online retailers or big box chains like Best Buy and max up the savings.

As long as it’s Sprint or Verizon compatible, CDMA and unlocked, you’re good to go. No need for specialized handsets, no more poor voice quality or panic when you’re out of the WiFi blanketed area.

Logan has been a cell phone geek since his first LG flip camera phone. Now he spends his days writing about the latest and greatest smartphones.

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