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Devialet announces the Phantom Reactor, a mini version of the Phantom


The Devialet Phantom is a speaker unlike any other; we reviewed it and were blown away. Coming in up to 3000W of power and $3,000 in price, not to mention the 25 pound weight, the Phantom was as expensive as it was insane. And still is!

Despite being worth the money, it’s definitely a hard sell. But Devialet has announced the newest speaker in its lineup, and it aims right below the Phantom: it’s called the Phantom Reactor and it starts at $999.

The Reactor is basically a mini Phantom, being smaller in size and “only” 10 pounds. The base model rocks 600W of power and a 95dB SPL (sound pressure level), while the upgraded Reactor 900 costs $1,299 and gets you 900 watts and a 98dB SPL. Both feature the same Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity, 18Hz to 12kHz frequency response, and classic (if not extremely odd) Devialet aesthetic. The Reactor also shares the main technology that made the original Phantom so great, including the Analog Digital Hybrid amp, Speaker Active Matching, and a lot more.

You can pre-order one (or two, for that stereo sound) on October 24. Yes it’s still expensive and a luxury product, but it’s a lot more in reach of the average person now. If you do pick one up, prepare for what Devialet calls “unreasonable sound.”

Source: Devialet

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