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eBay launches Instant Selling, promises more value for devices


Trading in an older device to make getting a new handset easier is a common practice, and eBay wants to make it even easier while also offering more money for your old daily driver.

eBay has announced what it’s calling “Instant Selling”, which does pretty much what the name suggests. It’s another trade-in program, but it’s avoiding the standard eBay listing process and just offering up instant value instead. But since this is a trade-in program, it’s designed to help you get a new smartphone rather than just giving you cash to spend on anything you want.

You’ll start the process by heading to the dedicated site. You’ll choose your phone’s manufacturer and model, select storage capacity and carrier, then choose an option that best describes its condition. Once that’s done and the device is deemed eligible for trade-in, you’ll add images and then accept the terms.

You’ll get an instant voucher from eBay for the agreed upon amount which you can then use to buy a new smartphone from eBay directly. You’ll also get an eBay shipping label that you’ll need to print out to send back your old device.

Getting money instantly for a trade-in is certainly not new. We see the wireless carriers offering this sort of thing, for instance. But eBay is hoping their offering will catch attention because the company says it’s offering more money for those trade-ins.

eBay included a handy table, showing that while customers can get up to $240 for the unlocked Galaxy S9 from Gazelle and up to $300 from AT&T, eBay is offering up to $406.

The new Instant Selling feature is available now if you’re interested, or plan on upgrading in the future.


Source: eBay

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