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Essential’s impatiently awaited Audio Adapter HD passes through FCC


The Essential Phone was meant to be a modular phone. The rear of the device has a magnetic connector with two power pins and wireless data transfer and the company planned to take full advantage of it.

Unfortunately, the company has only released one accessory in the year that the device has been available. The 360-degree camera is a neat accessory, clipping on and taking full 360-degree photos and videos, but its usefulness is limited. The long-teased charging dock isn’t even being talked about anymore.

However, there is one accessory that we’ll be seeing soon, and it’s a great one. The Essential Audio Adapter HD was teased as a reprieve from the phone’s lack of headphone jack, not only offering a place to plug headphones into but also offering greatly improved sound thanks to the ESS Sabre DAC and hardware MQA support. Not only will most nice headphones sound better, it’ll be able to handle expensive headphones that phones usually can’t push with enough power.

The accessory has now passed through the FCC and should be coming soon. The Essential team has only given a “soon” answer so far but this is a good sign that this accessory is actually coming. And hey, if Essential is still developing accessories for this connector, maybe a successor with the same tech is still in the works?

Via: Droid-Life

Source: FCC

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