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Facebook Messenger 4 now official with simpler design


There is no doubt that, over the years, Facebook Messenger has become overstuffed with too much to do, with too many tabs, and navigation that wasn’t all that great.

Facebook is aware of this, and the company teased earlier this year that they were working on a redesign for the messaging platform to make navigation easier and go back to simpler times. The wait for that day is over, as Facebook Messenger 4 is now officially official.

While Facebook is launching Messenger 4 today, it will take time before the global rollout finishes. As a result, you may not see Messenger 4 with its important changes available to you for a few weeks. But it is coming, so if you’re a heavy Messenger user there’s something to look forward to.

Up until the launch of Messenger 4, the messaging service had nine tabs you could switch between. But the Messenger team is slimming things down a lot, going from nine tabs to just three. That will make it easier to find people to talk to, see what they’re up to, and find new things to discover.

The primary tab is Chats. This is where you will find your one-on-one and group conversations. There is a camera button at the top of the tab, too, so you can quickly share videos or photos. The second tab is the People tab, where you can find your friends list, see who is online at the time, and catch up on their Stories as well.

The final tab is Discover. This will let you get in touch with businesses if you want, book a vacation, play games, and more.

Facebook says there are additional features coming at a later date, including a dark mode, and re-skinned UI that “cuts down on the glare from your phone”. The company also points out that they aren’t removing anything from the app, just making it a lot easier to find and navigate to. So you can still play games, make polls, and more.

Facebook Messenger 4 begins its global rollout today. What do you think?


Source: Facebook Newsroom

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