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Google Assistant is getting an updated UI for mobile devices


Google Assistant is pretty handy when it comes to using your voice, but sometimes the user interface on the software side can feel a little clunky to use. But Google is changing that with the most recent redesign.

Google on Wednesday unveiled the new UI as part of a new new blog post, focusing on making the software a bit easier to use and digest information at a glance. The new UI has sliders for certain elements, like when you ask the digital assistant to adjust the brightness of the lights in a room, which will let users select a brightness level directly for the optimal level.


Some elements within the software are bigger now, too, making them easier to read and interact with. Overall, the idea is to make interacting with the software via touch controls a lot easier on mobile devices. Of course, the change should also help with smart speaker that have large touchscreens, too. The Google Home Hub, for instance, is rumored to launch next week with a 7-inch touchscreen.

As for other important changes within the update, users can now make quick edits to a message they want to send out before it actually goes on its way. There should be more visual elements on supported queries, and Google is adopting more Material Design cues as well.

That’s not all, though. Google also confirmed that it is now allowing developers to use Google Assistant to handle payments. So you can buy in-app items within games using just your voice, or even purchase subscriptions to some services.

What do you think of the focus on the UI with this latest update to Google Assistant?

Source: Google Blog

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