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Google has a 10,000 photo limit for Live Albums


Google recently introduced a new feature in Google Photos called Live Albums which allows you and others to automatically add photos of specific people. Google can then automatically choose the best photos for displaying on smart displays like the new Google Home Hub.

The issue stems from the fact that Google chooses the best photos to display, but doesn’t filter what is added to the album. So if you take a lot of photos, the album will fill up quick and you may hit the 10,000 photo cap.

Now it’s unlikely most people will hit this cap, because 10,000 photos is truly a lot of photos. I don’t even have that many photos in my entire Google Photos account. However, it’s something to keep an eye out for.

Raising the limit isn’t necessarily the fix, rather Google needs to give users more tools to moderate what goes into these live albums. For the moment, every photo of the selected people will be added to the album no matter the quality. But for now, very few users will be affected anyway.

Via: Android Police

Source: @googlephotos

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