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Google Home Mini in Aqua blue launches later this month


If Google’s charcoal, chalk, or coral color options haven’t caught your eye for the Google Home mini smart speaker, maybe a new blue option will seal the deal.

Google on Tuesday officially unveiled a brand new Google Home Mini color named Aqua, which swoops in decidedly late in the Home Mini’s lifecycle┬ábut may be enough to spur some sales anyway. The blue option has the same fabric design as the other models and has all of the same hardware elements and features baked in.

If you pick up the new Home Mini in Aqua you’ll be able to talk to Google Assistant in two different languages at once, ask Assistant to tell you a joke or play a game, play music from supported platforms like Spotify, and much more. And while Google’s announcement doesn’t come with a specific launch date or price tag, the company does say it will launch “later this month” at Walmart and the Google Store online when it does.

It should be priced at $49.

So a new blue model is on the way. Is this your next purchase?

Source: Google Blog

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