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Google limiting Pixel 3 to only 5W on third party wireless charging pads


We’ve long had fast wireless charging pads on the market, but now that Google is back in the wireless charging game, there’s a bit of controversy going on around how the company is limiting charging on its devices.

When charging on the new Pixel Stand, the Pixel 3¬†will charge at a full 10 watts. However on any other wireless charger, even fast chargers, the Pixel only charges at a limited 5W despite the display saying that the phone is “Charging rapidly.”

Unfortunately, this is the beginning of a new “standard” for fast wireless charging. Google is working on a certification process for future wireless chargers to fast charge the Pixel 3 duo. Yet another fast charging standard splitting the Qi standard is not exactly ideal, but in the future you’ll be able to buy a fast wireless charger without coughing up $80 for the Pixel Stand.

We thought Google was all about using standards. Why are they building a new wireless charging standard? We may never know.

Source: Android Police

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