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Google Maps adding more commute features and music controls


With its estimated arrival times, info on delays, alternate routes, and more, Google Maps can be a useful tool for commuters. Now Google is working to make Maps even more useful during your commute.

Google Maps is getting several new commute-related features. For example, a new Commute tab is being added that’ll give you easy access to live traffic and transit info. This way you can easily see if there are any delays on your route and pick an alternate route to get you to work more quickly.


Also coming to Google Maps is support for mixed-mode commutes. With this feature, you can see info telling you when you should leave for each part of your trip, including the driving and public transport portions. Each part is factored into your ETA so you know when you’ll arrive at work.


Another notable new feature is the ability for Google Maps to show exactly where your bus or train is on a map. Available in 80 regions around the world, this will help you determine if your ride is on time or delayed a bit. And folks in Sydney, Australia are getting an extra feature, as Google has partnered with Transport New South Wales to show you how full your next bus or train is.


Finally, Google Maps is gaining built-in music controls from Spotify, Apple Music, and Google Play Music, letting you control your tunes without having to jump between apps. And with Spotify on Android, you can browse through songs, albums, podcasts, and playlists.

These features are rolling out globally on both Android and iOS this week.

Source: Google Blog

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