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Google Pixel 3 gets a teardown treatment, shows off LG-made display


Last year’s Google Pixel 2 XL suffered from some display issues that many would call quite series. From “poor” colors to terrible viewing angles, people were quite vocal about their disappointment. Many pegged this on LG being the display supplier.

The new Pixel 3 XL was torn down by iFixit, revealing a Samsung-made display. This was a relief to a lot of prospective Pixel buyers as Samsung is known for its beautiful OLED displays. However, iFixit also performed some surgery on the smaller Pixel 3 and found an LG display. This is the opposite arrangement as last year.

Fret not, for the display on the Pixel 3 is said to be quite good! LG must have worked out the kinks in its supply chain. Manufacturing quality may be a concern for some, but image quality should not be.

Source: iFixit

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