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Latest Huawei P20 Pro update surprisingly disables automatic Master AI feature


Huawei’s latest craze is artificial intelligence technology, and the company takes full advantage of it in multiple ways. This includes the camera, which on the P20 Pro is called Master AI and improves photos by detecting scenes and automatically adjusting camera settings.

So it’s a big surprise to us that the latest update to the device disables the Master AI feature by default. It’s still there and available to use, but it is now disabled by default. Some will consider this a step back, but the company must have a reason for this.

If we were to guess, this is a temporary situation until the feature can be improved. It’s a big selling point and we hope to see it enabled by default again.

The update also brings the August security patch so staying away from the update isn’t the best idea. If you own a P20 Pro, let us know what you think of this development in the comments.

Via: Android Police

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