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Microsoft’s new Your Phone app allows for texting and sharing photos from your PC

Windows Phone is dead, so there’s no personal stake left for Microsoft not to push Android integration for Windows. That’s what the company has been doing with numerous Android apps and even an Android launcher, published on the Google Play Store no less.

The latest app to launch is called Your Phone and integrates your Android phone’s basic functions into Windows 10 (and only Windows 10). You’re able to text through the app, much like with the new (but browser-based) Android Messages for Web. You can also view and copy photos your device has taken. There’s also limited drag and drop support, presumably with Microsoft’s own apps.

The app is now live and you can download it here. From there you’ll be able to link your phone and start using it! It really seems like a useful app for Windows users. Let us know what you think in the comments!

Source: Microsoft

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