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Microsoft’s Project xCloud will allow you to stream Xbox games to your mobile device

Sony and Valve both have streaming services for their platforms, though Valve’s Steam Link is still in beta. Microsoft has not had a way to stream Xbox One content to mobile, but that’s coming soon with the announcement of Project xCloud.

The project aims to deliver a full gaming experience, with no latency or major fidelity loss, to devices like smartphones, tablets and more. It’ll allow you to either pair a Bluetooth-enabled Xbox One controller or use on-screen touch controls, though obviously the latter isn’t the ideal way to play most games.

Microsoft already has data centers in 54 regions spanning 140 countries and is in the process of integrating new custom hardware to support streaming in the future.

Project xCloud is already up and running, but it’ll take a while to come to market as the company works out latency and compression technology for the best experience. We’ll also have to wait for 5G networks to launch for better performance, though Microsoft claims that 4G networks are plenty fast. Nonetheless, it’s exciting to think that we could soon stream console quality games to our phones. Public trials begin next year so keep an eye out for a beta sign up!

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Source: Microsoft Blog

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