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NVIDIA SHIELD adds new features with Google Home


The NVIDIA SHIELD remains perhaps the most updated Android device in history, with NVIDIA continually adding new features to the now over 3-year-old streaming box.

With the free Google Home Mini deal running for the SHIELD at the moment, it isn’t surprising to see further integrations arrive between the two. The latest update allows you to use any Google Home device to launch and control streaming apps on your SHIELD, like Netflix, HBO NOW, CBS, and Starz. You can jump straight into a specific show on any of those streaming apps just by saying “Ok Google, watch [Name of show] on SHIELD.”

Any app on your SHIELD can be simply launched using your voice by saying “OK Google, open [Name of app].” You will still need the remote to actually select something there, but it’ll get things going a bit faster as you track down the remote. If you lost the remote mid-show you can now pause and resume playback in any app as well as controlling the system volume and turning off the SHIELD completely.

Here’s a list of some of the new features available on SHIELD via Google Home this month. Just restart your SHIELD TV and the update should arrive for your device.

Basic Commands

  • “Turn on SHIELD”
  • “Turn off SHIELD”
  • “Open [name of app] on SHIELD”

Volume Control

  • “Set volume to 50% on SHIELD”
  • “Increase/decrease volume on SHIELD”
  • “Mute/unmute volume on SHIELD”

Playback Features

  • “Play [name of Netflix, HBO NOW, CBS, Viki, or Starz show] on SHIELD”
  • “Play [name of song] on [name of app] on SHIELD”
  • “Watch [name of channel] on YouTube TV on SHIELD”
  • “Pause on SHIELD”
  • “Play on SHIELD”

Photos and Smart Home

  • “Show me my pictures from Egypt on SHIELD”
  • “Show me my pictures from last weekend on SHIELD”
  • “Dim the lights”
  • “Set the temperature to 72 degrees”

It’s hard to argue with the SHIELD TV as the best Android streaming box available, even 3 years later, thanks to NVIDIA’s continued commitment to the platform.


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