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Samsung offering double trade-in value if you pick up a Galaxy S9 or Galaxy Note 9


If you have been on the fence about picking up a new flagship smartphone with Samsung’s logo on the back and you’ve been waiting for a sweet deal to help with the decision, Samsung may have one just for you.

Samsung is currently hosting a limited-time promotion that sees the company offering double the trade-in value for your current handset if you pick up the Galaxy S9, the Galaxy S9+, or the Galaxy Note 9. If you have a Galaxy S8, for instance, Samsung will currently give you $400 rather than the normal $171. The Pixel 2 XL normally trades in for $201, but Samsung will fork over $400 right now if you pick up one of its latest high-end smartphones.

You can check out the full list of devices that can be traded in for double credit towards a new device below.


The most you can get for any trade-in is $600 (the iPhone X and Galaxy S9+ command the most impressive trade-in offer). And Samsung says that the handset you are trading in has to turn on, it cannot have any cracks in the display or dents in the body, and there cannot be any dead pixels or black spots on the screen. You must also own your handset, so you can’t trade in a leased handset. The stock anti-theft features must be switched off as well.

Samsung’s promotion for trade-ins runs from October 5 until Saturday, November 3. That’s a week before Samsung has already confirmed it will be announcing a new Galaxy device on November 11.

Do you plan on taking advantage of this deal?

Source: Samsung

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